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4 Tenants

Are you threatened or at risk of being homeless?

2 Way Tenancy Solutions CIC is here to help if you're are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or have housing-related issues such as rent arrears, problems with benefits and debt.

Our team can give you general and specialist housing advice, homelessness information. We can support you to register on the Tyne and Wear homes website for your transfer and mutual exchange needs and generally advocate on your behalf.

Our services are all provided on a one to one basis in tenants' own homes. Our support is ongoing to help you successfully sustain and maintain your tenancy.

Our objective is to...


•    Support and empower you to gain the confidence to deal with any issues you are facing.
•    Help with budgeting and money management training to increase financial confidence in order to deal with the challenges brought in by the welfare reform.
•    Support with life skills that will help you to maintain and sustain your tenancy.
•    Provide support and access to employment opportunities.
•    Work with you on a one to one basis in your own home at your convenience.

How we work with you.

We work with landlords and different service providers. Our service is open and accessible to anyone who feels they need it.


To find out if we can help you, contact us on 0191 490 9407 or 0755 751 4078 or complete the contact form and we will be in touch within a day of receiving your request.


Our Process
Once we receive a referral from your landlord we aim to contact you within a day. When we have spoken to you we will arrange an initial assessment to ensure the service is right for you.

We provide an initial needs assessment with you to see if the service is appropriate for you we will work with you to set up an action plan for how your needs will be met.

In addition to resolving people's housing needs, we support our clients to accomplish their aspirations and goals, addressing issues such as health and well-being, participation in the community and achieving economic independence.

How can 2 Way help you:

2 Way Tenancy Solutions CIC respects people as individuals and therefore, we provide tailored support packages to suit your needs and interests.

Who can we support?

Support is available to people who are threatened with homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

We can support in the following ways:

•    Housing advice and support
•    Dealing with debt and managing money
•    Volunteering
•    Pre-employment support (looking for work, interview advice and writing a CV)
•    Advice and guidance for training courses

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