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2 Way Tenancy Solutions Past Funded Projects
Past Projects
Capacity Building Fund Project 


The introduction of Universal Credit, a new type of benefit designed to support people who are on a low income or out of work will replace six existing benefits which includes housing and council tax benefits and is currently being rolled out across Gateshead. The new system is based on a single monthly payment, transferred directly into a bank account and tenants will be responsible for paying their own rent.

The project aims to address the lack of engagement with hard to reach groups. More so, we have identified that intervention is required and is necessary as the impact of the welfare reforms is already being felt by both beneficiaries and the housing providers.

The programme is supporting housing providers, while the training is helping tenants to understand their priority expenses - enabling them to make regular payments on their rents and off their arrears. Linking in with health issues, the training and impact of the training long term can work hard towards addressing key health issues amongst the client group

Homeless Prevention Project – Sir James Knott Trust

The overall outcomes of the project will be homeless prevention of 40 families, increased financial capability skills of 40 families and therefore, overall confidence in managing finances and maintaining tenancies. We will also see an increase in quality of life as people are less stressed about their circumstances and are confident in dealing with a future crisis.

Energy Best Deal
Big Energy Saving Network

The programme was funded by BEIS to deliver energy sessions to vulnerable beneficiaries who are at risk of fuel poverty. The service was delivered to hard to engage beneficiaries who are on low income and struggling to pay energy bills and are at risk of eviction due to non-payment of rent.   We worked with individuals to educate them on the different energy options open and available to them.   For example when we were delivering the energy best deal sessions and the pilot, one of the main concern that we had was, the inability to understand their bills and options when it came to choosing energy deals to suit their needs and circumstances.   What we found was that people would go for days without any electricity or gas as they had no money to top up their prepayment meters 

Our Mission:

To prevent homelessness, increase financial capability with tenants and support landlords in avoiding costly evictions with a view to maintaining sustainable communities.


Our aims and objectives are to prevent homelessness caused by the inability to pay rent by tenants and by a need to avoid an increase of rent arrears by landlords.

Importantly we aim to work with clients to ensure they achieve their financial confidence.


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