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Are you 18-25 and looking to rent your first home? Check out Home Ready.

2 Way Tenancy Solutions can provide invaluable support to 18-25 year old's looking to rent a home for the first time in Gateshead.

2 Way Tenancy Solutions welcome young people who are looking to rent a home for the first time in Gateshead and surrounding areas. We have developed the Home Ready - Pre-tenancy training programme to help you manage your home smoothly. The six weeks programme will take you through all you need to know about managing your home, rent, bills and staying safe. Renting a home is a big responsibility, it's exciting but if not managed correctly it can turn into one big problem that can get out of hand. If you don't pay your rent on time, budget for bills or you start missing payments then your landlord will start to take action and at some point may lead to eviction.

We have a track record in providing "hands on" advice to help you start the right way and live in your home comfortably and securely.

So if you a young person aged 18-25 and about to take on your first home then get in touch. It's FREE.

What do we cover?

The Home Ready – pre-tenancy training is designed to you as a tenant to increase your understanding, knowledge and skills of setting up and running a home. It gives you the opportunity to:

• Develop your knowledge of tenancy management

• Develop your budgeting and money management skills

• Develop your skills in crisis management and long-term planning

• Learn about tenants and landlord responsibilities and being a good neighbour

• Learn about running a home and how to keep safe

• Healthy living and eating

• Develop your own personal growth and know if setting up a home is the right choice or not.

• Prevent tenancy failures and subsequent debts and problems before they arise. .

Eviction is a cause, not just a condition, of poverty.

Enjoy your new life, be independent and love your new home, but get some free advice. Our programme will help you to be independent and get more for your money.

Interested - get in touch on 0191 490 9407

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