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What should be in a Tenancy Agreement?

At 2 Way Tenancy Solutions we've provided a quick checklist for Tenancy Agreements. We've provided what it should include so that it protects both the tenant and landlord.

Often a tenant will fall in love with a home and sign the paperwork or tenancy agreement. It's important to read and understand what's in it. A Tenancy Agreement protects both the Tenant and Landlord and is a legal document. It essentially sets the rules - so be careful and check through it. If your not sure, get some help.

Once you have signed the Tenancy Agreement you are responsible for the property and paying your rent on time..

Tenancy Agreement Checklist - You need to read and understand the following:

  • Your name and the landlord’s details, e.g. address and contact number.

  • The type of tenancy you have, normally for you first year you will be given an introductory tenancy (make sure you understand what this means by asking your housing officer or landlord)

  • How long your tenancy lasts and what notice you must give if you want to move out.

  • What deposit you should pay (if any).

  • Who can use and live at the property?

  • How much the rent is and what it covers.

  • Who is responsible for what repairs?

  • Rules on things like smoking, pets and visitors.

Be Careful - Understand Your Tenancy Agreement Before Signing It!

Ask for support to explain anything you don’t understand. Do not feel forced into signing the agreement straight away. Ask for some time to read the document first.

Good luck!

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